The Antelope Valley Teachers' Association...

represents the teachers as well as the counselors and nurses of the entire Antelope Valley Union High School District.  We are over nine hundred strong and growing.  We are professional educators working together to better schooling in the Antelope Valley.


Our Mission Statement

The purposes of the Association shall be:

  1. To be the exclusive representative of the employee bargaining unit in all matters relating to employment conditions and employer-employee relations including, but not limited to, wages, hours, and other terms and conditions of employment;

  2. To provide advice for Bargaining Unit Members in regards to matters of employer-employee relations or refer the Bargaining Unit Member to other appropriate resources.

  3. To form a representative body capable of developing group opinion on professional matters and to speak with authority for unit members;

  4. To promote professional attitudes and ethical conduct among members;

  5. To promote the credentialing and further qualification of educational professionals;

  6. To provide an opportunity for continuous study and action on issues of the profession;

  7. To encourage cooperation between unit members and the community;

  8. To foster good fellowship;

  9. To advance the welfare of public education.

Antelope Valley Teachers' Association Affiliations

The Antelope Valley Teachers' Association is a proud local chapter of the California Teachers' Association (CTA) and the National Education Association (NEA).